Monday, June 8, 2009

"A little more moderation would be good. Of course, my life hasn't exactly been one of moderation" -- Donald Trump

How to be Smarter: In order to make sure your life is progressing in a positive direction, you need to be disappointed once a week.

How to be Prettier: Invest in a NuBra! They open up new possibilities for summer outfits (strapless, backless, etc.).

How to be (less) Awkward: Be more humble when talking about your accomplishments. If your achievements are actually something to brag about, they don't need to be over-talked by you.


Hill said...

love your awkward tip today

Fatimah said...

my life is moving fast then bc i get more than one disappointment a week LOL

averagediva said...

I agree with Fatimah. I am also disappointed more than once a week.. does that mean my life is moving super positively? :)