Friday, June 12, 2009

"She’s not here anymore. She’s covered in sequins" -- Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (Lady GaGa)

How to be Smarter: Take comfort in the knowledge that no one is a good dancer--and the few that actually are usually look like huge show-offs on the dance floor. Be grateful you're just a normal dancer and get up there and dance. While smiling. 

How to be Prettier: Wear heels for nice legs. Sometimes I wear flip flops to the party, carrying my heels, and then ditch the flip flops in my bag before I go in. If it is a super special occasion, and my clutch won't fit the flip flops, I get really cheap sandals from the dollar store and just toss them before walking into the party.

How to be (less) Awkward: Learn all the lyrics to three standard party songs. Options listed here. Then bust them out casually at a social gathering--this is actually more impressive than one might think.


Amanda said...

To familiarize yourself with popular party songs is pretty savvy.
And I too bring a comfortable pair of shoes in my bag if I know I am going to be doing a ton of walking.
Also, Cole Haan has a line of womens shoes that have the nike "air" technology built in. I own a few of these shoes and I can walk miles in them. Hands down the best shoes I own. And my black pumps get compliments all the time, so they aren't awful looking, like some comfortable pumps are.

sanya said...

hahaha i love this guy on your sidebar! what a classic letter to send!

Anna said...

I fully agree that sometimes you just need to get out there and dance, but that shouldn't discourage anyone from trying to improve. If you know your dance skills are lousy, take a dance class. It does wonders for self-esteem, fitness, and overall enjoyment. The people who know how to dance hardly look like show-off's...they just look like they're having more fun, and they're probably aware that they look good doing it.